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Parent Stories

Parent Stories

Parent Story

Traci and Ryan Kotula


What do you love about Bethany Academy?

I love that there is an atmosphere of grace and peace.

Why did you choose Bethany Academy for your children?

I knew when I walked in the door that this was the school my boys were meant to be at. Although there is no perfect place, this is as close as you can get.

In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experience at Bethany Academy?

They have learned more about who God is and what it means to follow Him through the lessons and examples set by the teachers and staff. My boys are calm and not stressed out because they feel the presence of the Lord in every room.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at Bethany Academy?

It is a beautiful community where the teachers and staff seek God in all they do. It is a prayerful community. There is genuine concern for each other.

Parent Story

The Millers

Jim & Julie Miller

In early 2003 we were looking for a private school for our daughter Laura who would be entering kindergarten in the fall.  Since we live in New Prague, we checked out schools within a 15-mile radius of our home.  Friends of ours who live in Bloomington called us one day and said, “Have you ever thought of sending Laura to Bethany Academy here in Bloomington”?  Honestly, that was out of our 15-mile circle—way out.  However, we soon realized that it wasn’t out of God’s circle.  Within 24 hours, we had 5 affirmations to consider Bethany as our daughter’s school.  We drove Laura to kindergarten (32 miles one way) in September of 2003 and have never looked back. 

Going in, we expected Laura to receive a sound education.  What we got in addition was the one thing that makes Bethany Academy very different; the unmistakable presence of the Holy Spirit.   Laura has been taught by the power of the Holy Spirit that is alive and present in each and every teacher and in each and every classroom.  We are blessed.

Laura is now in high school and is receiving a rigorous education.  Bethany incorporates the necessary skill of critical thinking in every subject, not just how to memorize like we were taught years ago.  She is also encouraged daily in her spiritual walk by the teachers and staff who take the time to get to know the heart of each student.

As it says in 1Samuel 16:7, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”.  When the Lord looks at a student who attends Bethany Academy, He will see a large BA imprint on their heart, the heart that He designed, and the heart that He put into place.


Parent Story

Bethany Parents

Bob & Krista Clatterbuck
A Reflection of Our Journey to Bethany Academy

As I reflect back on our journey to Bethany Academy, it is quite an amazing God story.  Our journey began with the Lord placing people on our path that would plant seeds in our hearts to prayerfully consider Bethany Academy for our daughter, Riley.  Bob & I prayed and continued on our path with faith in our hearts, but hesitations in our minds.   The Lord led us to take each step on our journey.  We put our hesitations aside and with that faith in our hearts, we took each step.  First, we attended the Open House, without Riley, to just see how the Lord would stir our hearts as parents and being the faithful Lord He is. He did just that through the Bethany Academy staff and students.   They were so warm and welcoming, a bright light.  Next,  Bob, Riley and I attended the Christmas concert and we were each so touched by the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  While we were there, we unexpectedly saw many people we knew! This was  part of God’s plan.  They too were placed on our path to plant seeds and water those already planted by others.  The Lord was again stirring our hearts.  The next morning, two of the people we saw at he concert reached out to me and told me, “We think that Riley would love Bethany and the Clatterbuck Family should join the Bethany Academy family!”  We continued to pray and the Lord continued to be faithful and affirmed what our hearts were feeling.  Our next leading, the next step in faith, was for Riley to shadow in the 5th grade class.  After we picked up Riley from her shadow day, she said she could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit with her and that she felt that Bethany is where the Lord wanted her to be.  With God’s divine timing, our family interview was set and our meeting was full of even more Godly affirmations for our family.  Our daughter, Riley, started attending Bethany as a 5th grader, 1 week later with divine timing that only the Lord could orchestrate.  Riley LOVES everything about Bethany Academy!  But when she is asked why she loves Bethany, she says it is because at Bethany Academy, Christ is at the Center of her learning and her relationships with her friends and teachers.   God comes first!

The blessings of the Bethany Academy family began before Riley started school that day in January 2012 and have continued to be multiplied since we joined the Bethany Academy family.  At Bethany Academy, Riley is allowed to be exactly who God made her to be.  The teachers and staff not only teach, nurture and encourage her to grow educationally, but also in her God given gifts and her relationship with Jesus Christ!