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Graduate Stories

Graduate Stories

Graduate Story

Karissa Vetsch
2014 Bethany Academy Graduate


What are your future plans?

After graduation, I am hoping to work for a non-profit organization in another country and be their Public Relations Manager or work with the community in that country to offer the best help that is possible for them.

Are you currently attending college?  If so, where and what is your major?

Waldorf College and I am majoring in Communications with a focus on Public Relations.

How has Bethany Academy helped prepare you for life?

Bethany has helped me prepare for life by teaching me how to defend my faith well. I will not always be in a community that has similar views to me. My beliefs have been challenged and questioned but Bethany has taught me how to defend myself. I had to learn to distinguish what I truly believe than what my parents believe and claim my faith for myself. Bethany also taught me how to work well with others and be a leader by giving me the opportunities to do that. I was a Student Council member, a National Honor Society member, and a Volleyball and Softball Captain. All of these experiences helped me learn how to work with others and be a leader. Bethany was a great place for me to be surrounded by people that supported me and helped me grow.

What are some of your fondest memories of Bethany Academy?

Some of my fondest memories at Bethany would be all of the crazy, fun times my classmates and friends would have at events, parties, and in class. We knew when to focus, but we also knew how to have fun. Another memory would be the great opportunity to plan school dances, chapels, spirit weeks, and retreats. I was also lucky to have close relationships with my teachers, Bethany staff members, and all of the wonderful teammates I had on the volleyball, softball, and even basketball teams.

What achievements or successes have you experienced that you would like to share with us?

I am a Waldorf Volleyball Player and am on the Track team. I am an Assistant Manager of Marketing for the College's radio station and TV channel, KZOW and WalTV. I am a Senator on Student Senate, and I am part of the Campus Ministry team.

Graduate Story

BA Alumni

RT Mould
‚Äč2013 Bethany Academy Graduate
(Now a Student at Cornell College)

A few words that describe high school are amazing, fun, God-centered, good-education, safe environment, and memorable.  What I will miss most about Bethany Academy is having an environment where Christ was the center and I was able to advance in my relationship with Him.  For this very reason I feel ready to enter college in a secular world so I can live out my faith. 

Kevin Kleiner

Graduate Story

Kevin Kleiner
2006 Bethany Academy Graduate


My Bethany story started way back in the fall of 1995 as a second grader when the school had four different locations.  I remember going from four locations down to two locations and eventually to one location where we are today.   I enjoyed the friendships, teachers, and learning experiences all the way through graduation in 2006.  I was blessed by many great coaches and teammates during my time as an athlete at Bethany Academy.  

I was a coach and teacher here at Bethany for a few years.  I have been blessed to be a part of a school that cares deeply about the hearts and minds of the students.  During my years of being involved with Bethany, I can say that Jesus Christ has always been the center of everything that goes on here.    


Graduate Story

Holly Benson, Bethany Alum

Holly Benson
2012 Bethany Academy Graduate
(Now a student at Bethel University)

I am so thankful to have attended Bethany Academy. Not only was it a great place filled with caring personable teachers and a fun community of students, it also prepared me very well for college.

I am currently taking a Christianity and Western Culture class at Bethel University. I literally already knew every detail in the class from Mr. Peter’s World History class taught at Bethany. In fact, I used my notes from his class to study for tests because they were more detailed!

I really appreciate all the time that the teachers at Bethany invested in me and my growth, not only academically but also spiritually and personally. One of my favorite things was staying in Mr. Bentz’ room after class to fill him in on every detail of my life…and Mr. Peters too! The teachers were always there to listen and their advice helped me become a wiser person.

Thank you!


Graduate Story

Jonathan Moe, 2012 Bethany Academy Grad

Jonathan Moe
2012 Bethany Academy Graduate
(Now in the Pre-Med program at Bethel University)

Bethany Academy really feels like home. It is a place where I developed strong, lasting friendships, I knew everyone’s name, and could go to the teachers to talk about anything and ­everything.

Throughout my high school career I found that every one of my teachers pushed me in some way to become a better person. Mr. Peters ­inspired me to live out my faith and be a seeker of truth. Mrs. Johnson encouraged me to seek challenging classes and to lead a life of integrity. Mr. Bentz was always there for me ­whenever I had a question about calculus and worked by my side until he saw the light bulb come on. Mr. Hilgenkamp encouraged me with a friendly smile and pat on the back asking how I was doing. In fact, every teacher impacted my growth as a person and motivated me to reach my highest potential. This personal connection with helpful ­teachers who really knew my strengths and weaknesses helps make Bethany Academy unique.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Thank you to all of the teachers that have been there for me and supported me throughout my high school years, challenging me not only to ­succeed in my academic studies and pursuits, but also in challenging me to grow as a man of God, holding me accountable as an ambassador of Christ, and preparing me for the future ahead.