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Sixth Grade Curriculum

Sixth Grade Curriculum

A Note from the Sixth Grade Teacher

My name is Mrs. Kingry, and I LOVE students and teaching. 

Independence, confidence, communication, empathy, curiosity, time management, compromise, cooperation, humble attitude, flexibility, and mastering studies are all attributes and abilities that are fine tuned in 6th grade. We concentrate on these attributes because the 6th graders lead the elementary, and next year, they will head into Junior High.  We want them to be ready; this is serious business.

Discovering how a student learns best (whether it be visual, tactile, or auditory) and then finding a plan of how to help that student become more efficient and effective in his or her learning style gives me great satisfaction as a teacher.   Through creative writing, presentations, book clubs, projects, and much more, we inspire each other to greater things.  Our classroom is energetic and joy-filled. God has such a heart for His children, and in 6th grade, we foster His heart and look to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sixth Grade Curriculum

Bible - Building on the Rock, Summit Bible Curriculum
This curriculum instills a Biblical Christian worldview with emphasis on stewardship in the 5th and 6th grades.  Elementary School Building on the Rock lays the groundwork for a worldview education. This unique elementary school curriculum is the first and only truly integrated biblical worldview and Bible survey course. Students learn the biblical story through the worldview framework of creation, fall, and, redemption, while being grounded in the biblical view of truth, God, self, others, and creation.

Language Arts - Harcourt Reading Series-Reading, Spelling, English, Writing, and Grammar; Easy Grammar Book
Comprehension techniques, vocabulary building, literature skills, writing, and language practice are emphasized as well as reference material lessons.  The units focus on comprehension work.  In addition to an excellent workbook, other resources are utilized in the series, such as the internet and reference materials with lots of creative learning activities. The Bible is also a major part of daily reading work. Its uniqueness in the world as God’s Word is emphasized and utilized.  Students also participate in guided reading groups to focus on the skills necessary to be proficient readers. 
The spelling curriculum is integrated with the stories in the Harcourt text.  Spelling tests are given weekly after words are investigated and practiced. 

Science - BJU Press, Science 6 for Christian Schools
This program of study covers the natural sciences including units on geology, space, the animal kingdom, and the human body.  Guided inquiry is often used and is taught with many hands-on lessons and experiments.  The Scientific Method is utilized with many creative learning activities.

Mathematics - Houghton Mifflin Series
Mathematics is viewed as one of the most powerful ways of discovering the world God made as commanded of us in Genesis 1:28.  To accomplish this task Bethany Academy utilizes the Houghton Mifflin mathematics series as well as other materials and resources.  Houghton Mifflin Mathematics is a comprehensive textbook with frequent review pages to help students remember their previous learning experiences.  Units cover the following concepts: Decimals, statistics, number theory, fractions, integers, equations (beginning algebra), ratios, percents, geometry, measurement, and probability.  Students are introduced to additional problem solving techniques while utilizing previously learned skills as well.  Hands-on work is given by the instructor to ensure memorization and enhance mathematical abilities. These hands-on lessons include measurement of volume, time, and length.  Rocket Math is used to gain mastery of basic multiplication and division facts.

Social Studies - BJU Press, Heritage Studies 6 for Christian School
The textbook covers ancient history up to the middle ages.  Specific studies include ancient Egypt, ancient Israel, Ancient China and India, Greece, Rome, Maya, and the Middle East during the middle ages.  Integrated within some units are the science discoveries that occurred during the specific period discussed.  Many details surround main ideas and give students interesting facts and pictures to help bring the material to life along with many different creative learning activities. 

Technology provides tools for understanding natural phenomena and often sparks scientific advances.  Bethany Academy sixth graders are taught to utilize computers, simple and complex science equipment, and digital projectors. The software students use includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Internet skills include researching websites, implementing search parameters, identifying and analyzing data found on the internet, and integrating their findings into research they do on their own, including the data needed for each student’s science fair project. Students use both the computers in the High School computer lab and the Macbook laptops in the mobile lab.

Art occurs each week with additional special projects near the holidays. Curriculum comes from many sources including Feed My Sheep.  Units include color theory, sculpting, one and two point perspectives, line studies, shading, painting, and large group projects.  Students are encouraged to pursue creativity with the gifts and talents God has given them.

Students have music twice a week.  The program combines instruction in music theory, Christian music, historical/classic music, and singing performance.  Students also perform in teams of six each Monday for the elementary chapel.  Each student has the opportunity to sing or play an instrument in these chapel sessions.  Music appreciation lessons occur once a quarter and include a talent show. This is done in the context of using this unique gift to bless and edify others as we honor and glorify the Lord.   Students perform for both Christmas and spring concerts.

Band - Bruce Pearson’s Standard of Excellence: Comprehensive Band Method-2
Sixth graders at Bethany Academy participate in band two times a week and a private lesson weekly.  Curriculum and music titles cover: classic melodies, holiday related songs, hymn variations, and contemporary music.  Two band concerts are also given, Christmas and spring. Instruments have included the harp, kettledrums, fife, many brass instruments, violins and violas, and percussion section instruments.

Physical Education
Students participate in physical education twice a week, plus recess time in the gym or outdoors each day.  The curriculum features skills units, fitness emphasis instruction, and team sports.  Students participate in both individual skill practice and teamwork exercises.  Sportsmanship and Christ-like behaviors are emphasized.  Concepts important in a healthy body are covered and emphasized. “Fun to be fit for a lifetime” is promoted and encouraged! Students participate in the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge each year.

Capstone Experience
The capstone of the 6th grade year is a three day trip to Wolf Ridge Enviornmental Learning Center.  Wolf Ridge has a 2,000-acre classroom that will teach students things they could never find in the pages of a book. Not only about the natural world, but also about themselves.  Wolf Ridge is a world-class educational experience designed to complement and enhance what happens in classrooms across the region.  For more information visit Wolf Ridge Enviornmental Learning Center.