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Seventh Grade Curriculum

Seventh Grade Curriculum

Bible - Christian Schools International, The Day of the Lord
This course seeks to prepare a godly foundation of wisdom and develop servant leadership through the study of Jesus’ Bible, the Old Testament.  They study maps of the time period to increase their understanding of the land in which our Savior walked.

English – Mosdos Press Literature Jade Book One; Vocabulary Workshop, Level B, Sadlier-Oxford; Writers’Choice Grammar Workbook, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
Students are exposed to well-known and classic literature in a variety of forms, including short stories, drama, nonfiction, poetry, and novels. A mythology unit looks at classic mythology through the lens of Christianity and considers its impact on both the ancient and modern world. In conjunction with the literature selections, students complete study guides that cover literary terms, styles, and devices, as well as plot details. Students also complete 15 vocabulary units (covering 300 terms); the same vocabulary series continues to be used for 8th - 12th grades, building on the foundation begun in 7th grade. Grammar units cover parts of speech, sentence structure, usage rules, punctuation, and composition. Students are required to complete at least three book reports during the year from different literary genres. Book reports include traditional, written essays as well as creative visual projects.

Mathematics - Glencoe Mathematics Applications and Connections Series 
Students focus on tools for problem solving and critical thinking, algebraic concepts, statistics and data analysis, investigations in geometry, patterns and number sense, applications and operations with rational numbers and real numbers, applications with proportions and percents, functions and graphs, probability and estimation, and investigations into polynomials.

World History - BJU Press, World Studies
This course studies the world through three major components: history, geography, and culture from a Christian perspective. Students will learn about the following: the changes during the Renaissance and Reformation periods, the challenges of the “Age of Exploration” in North and Latin America, the conquest in Europe, India, China, Africa, and the conflicts of Russia, Modern Asia, and the Middle East.  They learn to think critically as they compare/contrast, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize in many different creative learning opportunities.

Life Science - BJU Press, Life Science for Christian Schools
Seventh graders learn about God’s world and the organisms He created.  Content of the course includes classification systems, cell structures and functions, genetics, defense of creation, plants, the animal kingdom, ecosystems, and the human body.  Students learn to think critically and scientifically, make observations, collect and organize data, synthesize information, and develop an even greater appreciation of God’s creation.

Keyboarding - Type to Learn 4
The goal of the class is for students to master the entire keyboard and improve their typing speed while progressing through the course.  Students work at their own pace and receive individualized feedback on a daily basis.  Students’ progress is monitored through timed tests that they take after completing lessons and playing a variety of typing games.

Health/Physical Education - BJU Press, Health for Christian Schools
Health is taught to encourage the practice of life-long physical fitness, mental and emotional well-being, as well as social graces. Students will understand the balance between nutrition, fitness, and self-image. They will gain an understanding of how one’s worldview relates to health. Our philosophy enables students to develop physical discipline, responsibility, and life-long fitness that bring glory to God.

Junior High Choir
Students learn choral techniques such as breath control, proper singing posture, concert etiquette, and much more.  Students in this class sing a variety of genres including gospel, choral, and holiday music.  Three-part choral arrangements are mostly used in this class due to the range of the male voice in this age group.  Students in this class sing at the Secondary Christmas Concert and the Secondary Spring Concert.  This class is required for all seventh and eighth grade students.

Junior High Band
Students play various genres of music including Americana, rock, jazz, holiday music, movie themed music, etc.  All various forms of instrumentation is encouraged to participate!  Students play in the Secondary Christmas Concert and the Secondary Spring Concert.  This class is an elective.

Junior High Art
This course focuses on the basic elements of design such as line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space. While the students learn these concepts, they are given the opportunity to expand their creative expression and engage in problem solving. This class is an elective.