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Kindergarten Grad Trio



Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten is where our Advanced Placement Philosophy begins.  We believe education at Bethany Academy is a 13-year process; therefore, we have used a “backwards design” approach with our programs to ensure our students are fully prepared for the academic rigor of our high school.  Implementing a cohesive and comprehensive approach is necessary to educate and minister to the whole child over their entire K-12 schooling experience.  

Kindergarten at Bethany Academy is a full day academic experience as we prepare God’s little ones for the challenges of first grade.  They will learn patterns, addition/subtraction, and problem solving in math, explore God’s creativity through introductory life, physical, earth, and space Science, and lose themselves to the imaginations of great storytellers while learning to read and write on their own in Language Arts.  Social Studies takes kinders on a tour of basic geography and a range of cultures; widening their awareness of God's world around them.  They also learn the purpose and history behind our favorite holidays.  The stories and lessons of Jesus are taught from Scripture using activities, art, and drama to bring them to life.  Specialists will engage them in music, art, and physical education during the week, while the classroom teacher inspires and solidifies learning through many other creative projects.  Critical thinking skills are taught and modeled throughout the curriculum as students learn to process their impact on the world around them. 

Kindergarten Graduation culminates a full year of creative learning activities and opportunities.  Our students walk to “Pomp and Circumstance”, recite Scripture memory from the year, share their future dreams, and receive encouragement as they participate in this ceremony to honor their accomplishments.  Parents and family members are encouraged and welcome to attend this milestone in their students’ lives.


Kindergarten is a nurturing, thoughtful, and loving way to begin your experience at Bethany Academy!

The minimum age requirement for Kindergarten is five years old by September 1st of the desired enrollment year.  Each Kindergarten applicant meets with the teacher to perform a series of developmental skills to demonstrate readiness.  This portion of the interview takes about 30 minutes of engagement with the Kindergarten teacher.


Beth Wilson, Kindergarten Teacher

A Note From The Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Beth Wilson, and I love teaching Kindergarten. Kindergarten students’ natural curiosity, teachable spirit, limitless imagination, and amazing memorization skills make for a  rich opportunity to lay a solid educational foundation.  Our Kindergarten program promotes these age specific gifts, through godly encouragement we teach growth areas such as self-control, patience, delayed gratification, manners, prayer, thoughtful questions, staying on topic, and owning responsibility.

One of my favorite things about being a teacher of Kindergarten is that my students are completely receptive to a creative, often silly, but always educational teaching style.  They never question how a game of Legos can turn into a lesson on Civil Rights or that creating a three-dimensional goose can really be a lesson in creation, science, and art all at the same time.  Learning is a fun experience!

“Miss Wilson, do you know everything?"
"Not quite."
"Do you know Jesus?"
"Then you'll be okay."