Bethany Academy

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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

At Bethany Academy, we recognize that God has gifted each of our students with unique abilities and interests. Taking this knowledge to heart, we seek to provide every student with creative opportunities to explore and develop these God-given gifts through unique experiences like those in our Fine Arts program.

Beginning in elementary school and continuing through the 12th grade, a wide array of fine arts opportunities are available at Bethany Academy, including participation in drama, music, choir, band, concert band, worship arts seminars, visual arts classes and yearbook.

Whether it’s an elementary student enjoying his first collage project or a high school senior performing her first solo at our annual Christmas Concert, our creative arts instructors strive to guide students in honing their individual skills and talents. We believe that while fine arts students learn new things and challenge their current understandings, they are also becoming well-rounded individuals capable of embracing new opportunities at every stage of life.

During the typical school day, fine arts electives such as choir, band, and art provide chances for our junior high and high school students to receive regular arts instruction. Art and music are also integrated into the curriculum of each elementary school classroom on a regular basis.

After school activities such as our “Art After School” program and dramatic productions by the Bethany Academy Players supplement this regular instruction, and provide the freedom for students to pursue their passions outside of the classroom. Each year, students are also encouraged to participate in school concerts and productions like our Spring Concert, Christmas Concert and school plays.

For more information on Bethany Academy’s Fine Arts Program, and to discover what distinguishes our program from other school arts programs in and around Bloomington, Minnesota, we invite you to contact a member of our Admissions staff, or to schedule a visit of our school!