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Dress Code

Dress Code

At Bethany Academy, we have made a conscious decision to implement a dress code rather than standardized uniforms for our students. Teaching students to adhere to a dress code is part of a life skills instruction philosophy that we feel should be a vital part of Christian education. It’s important to allow students the opportunity to make appropriate clothing choices for themselves each day as they encounter changes in fashion as well as their own maturity.  We give students the opportunity to learn the life skills necessary for making a positive first impression and adhering to dress codes in the work place.

Bethany Academy strongly believes that parents are the primary teachers of their children. It is for this reason that we ask parents to teach and reinforce the principles of modest dress and community expectations.

Bethany strives to provide an environment where personal appearance does not distract from learning. Our dress code is intended to be a practical, simple, and consistent expression of the principles of good sense, modesty, and appropriateness. Personal appearance that is considered questionable is addressed at the discretion of Bethany faculty and staff.

If a student appears to pursue extremes, he or she will be truthfully and lovingly counseled. The counseling process may include, but is not limited to, asking a student to not wear a particular article of clothing again, calling home for a change of clothing, changing into BA-provided clothing, or detention.

For the complete dress code, please consult the Bethany Academy Parent and Student Handbook.