Bethany Academy

K - 12 Interdenominational Christian School
Art Class



Bethany Academy values visual arts and understands the importance of art in the education of a well-rounded student. Art allows for self-expression. It helps develop intelligence and personality in students. Art helps students learn to be better communicators. It helps us understand our world. It helps us express our faith. And it reminds us of the countless gifts given to us by God. Art is a celebration of God's creation.

Elementary school students receive regular art instruction in their main classrooms. Elements of art such as line, shape, color, and value are discussed, and projects make use of a variety of mediums. For 4th and 5th graders, "Art After School" allows the chance to spend 7 Monday afternoons exploring drawing, painting, and ceramics with Mr. Andrew Hale.

Junior high and high school students can choose to take art as a fine arts elective course. Students increase skill in the use of a variety of art media and understanding and application of basic elements and principles of art.  Emphasis is placed on developing technique within each art discipline as well as individual creativity. There is a two-year rotation of course study in both junior high and high school art classes so that students can take this elective more than once without repetition of projects.